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Reduces hyperpigmentation, brightens skin complexion, evens skin tone, improves skin texture, stimulates collagen, and more.

Chemical peels promote cell growth and produce smoother and clearer skin. This treatment involves applying a chemical solution over the entire area being treated. This solution is used to remove the outer layer of the skin so that a smoother, glowing, and healthier layer of skin can appear.

Investment | Starting at $950

No scrubs or facial exfoliation on the day of treatment.


Men should not shave two days prior to treatment.


Avoid waxing in treated areas one week prior to treatment.


No peels, laser resurfacing or medical grade exfoliation within two weeks of treatment.


Cannot have active Herpes Simplex blisters/cold sores. 


Cannot be pregnant or lactating.


Use suggested home care regimen to optimize results of treatment.

Does cosmelan® work with any type of spot?

With cosmelan® we treat all types of spots of melanin origin, that is, spots originating due to melanin overproduction triggered by several factors (hormonal, genetic, post-acne, post-depilation factors, etc.) that worsen due to sun exposure. Therefore, cosmelan® is effective to treat spots such as: melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentations (PIH), solar, senile lentigo and freckles.


What is the best time to get this treatment?

Cosmelan® can be used at any time of the year, though it is advisable to do it at times when sun exposure is not so intense or prolonged, such as the winter and autumn. In case you live in a hot region or apply the treatment in the summer, you must take greater care and use a very high sunscreen, such as melan 130 pigment control and avoid completely very intense and prolonged sun exposure.


How long does the treatment last?

The cosmelan® method uses a 2-step protocol necessary to achieve the desired outcome. Intensive depigmentation in a cabin and home treatment. The total treatment lasts approximately 6 months. The duration may vary depending on the severity and intensity of the skin spot.


How long will it take to see the results? Why should I continue the treatment if the results are already seen before completing it?

The most significant change takes place a few weeks after applying the mask in the medspa, it improves skin texture and spots decrease noticeably. This can give a misleading feeling of success. During this period melanin has been removed from the outermost skin layers, and therefore we see the spot much more faded and the skin smoother and softer, but the origin of the problem has not been controlled yet. The melanocyte, a cell where melanin is produced, is still uncontrolled and continues to produce pigment (melanin) in excess. To re-educate the melanocyte and control this overproduction, it is important to continue a home treatment with regulating action, so that the cell returns to a normal active state and therefore prevent spots from reappearing.

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